The purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to have a time set apart each week so that this body of Christ can call upon the Holy Spirit to intercede for Birdville Baptist Church.
It is a time of organized prayer that seeks to please God with Scripture reading, praise of His character, and thanksgiving for His grace. Then we ask the Holy Spirit to intercede for our nation, each staff member, current needs and events, for the spiritual character of our members and the spreading of the gospel message. Afterward, the group prayer walks our facility.
We believe that nothing else is more important than prayer and that it releases the power of the Holy Spirit; therefore, every aspect of church life needs to be covered in prayer.
Everyone is welcome to meet from 8:35- 9:30 each Sunday morning in the Parlor area.

Prayer Requests


Weekly Prayer Emphasis

Sunday – The Lost
Monday – Church staff and ministries
Tuesday – Government and President
Wednesday – Military and Missionaries
Thursday – Spiritual growth of our church body
Friday – Current world events
Saturday – All facets of Sunday worship