Case by Case

Many children enter the foster care system with very few belongings, often with a black trash bag as their only “luggage.” It is the goal of Case-by-Case Ministries to provide children in foster care with practical, personalized items to call their own. 
Out volunteer seamstresses gather information from foster families and then create a pillow case for each child that matches his or her unique interests. We then embroider the child’s name on the pillow case so they have a special treasure that can provide comfort and sweet dreams. 
Infants and toddlers that are not yet old enough to use a pillow receive hooded bath towels. These snuggly towels are decorated with ribbon that match the little one’s personality  and embroidered with the child’s name.
The greatest joy of our ministry is that we get to know these precious children on a “Case-by-Case” basis. We will never meet them in person, but as we are privileged to sew these comforting items, we can pray for each child. Just like the pillow cases and towels, each child is a unique creation who is treasured by our loving God.
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